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Fall Foliage Can Leave Black and Green Buildup

leaf on garbage can before cleaned by MCP Softwash

Fall Foliage Can Leave Black and Green Buildup

Everyone loves the colorful fall foliage, but as the leaves drop, dirt and other grime can build up on your home, deck and fences.

Fall foliage in small town. MCP Softwash cleans up messes from fall leaves.Fall is a great time of year. It has cool temperatures; corn mazes; apple cider, fall festivals and pumpkin spice everything. But as the rakes get busy with colder temperatures moving in, most homeowners aren’t thinking about the grime. Most aren’t thinking about the gutters filled with sticks, acorns and leaves. And even fewer are thinking about mold, mildew and algae that come with trapped moisture.

The leaves and the dirt can be easily cleaned by MCP Softwash & Painting technicians trained to use the “softwash” technique. This is a professional cleaning technique using gentle water pressure and environmentally-friendly detergents. This is perfect for cleaning thoroughly, especially shingles, gutters and other parts of a home’s protective exterior. It is also the best way to NOT damage surfaces.

leaf on garbage can before cleaned by MCP SoftwashThis is the time of year to look up when raking in your yard. Many may notice leaves on the roof or in gutters, but may simply think, “I’ll just clean it up in the spring.”  Leaves left to long can cause harm, because moisture can build up and cause algae, which breaks down shingles and rubber roofs. Those black streak are not only ugly, but harmful.

Leaves, sticks and acorns are also the perfect recipe for causing water backups in gutters. This can lead to mold issues behind siding, affecting interior walls and causing health problems for those living inside. Not too mention what happens during occasional winter rains and spring downpours. Seeing water run in your house around windows means climbing a ladder in a rain storm, THEN cleaning up the mess.

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